Horse Training

Would you like to compete at top level shows?Fred Fisher Light Rein Horses Training
Would you like to have a better relationship with your horse?
Is your horse a willing partner?
Do you have a young horse needing a good start?
Do you have an older horse that needs to improve its skills?
Would you like your horse to learn a new skill?
Is there something missing in your horse's training?
Fred Fisher will work with you to help you achieve your goals for your horse. After he evaluates your horse, he will estimate the time he believes it will take to get your horse where you’d like him to be. Then, Fred will begin to teach your horse how to learn. Fred’s philosophy and training all begin with this simple step. Then the basic skills all horses need to learn follow from there, with more advanced proficiency trained per the owner's desire and the horse's ability. 


Horses in training with Fred Fisher and Light Rein LLC Performance Horses work on a custom schedule that will be determined by Fred when you place your horse in training. Each horse has different needs and as a result, no two schedules will be alike. 

Fred Fisher Light Rein Horses
Once your horse has learned the necessary skills and Fred feels the horse is ready, you will then need to take lessons to learn what the horse has learned.

Making horse ownership fun and rewarding is essential in Fred’s training program.  Teaching horses and riders to compete successfully at top levels is Fred's specialty.

Call 480-215-7103 or use the website to contact Fred @ Light Rein LLC Performance Horses to discuss your horse’s training needs.