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Welcome Home, Marine!

We want to extend a warm Welcome Home to our son, Lance Corporal Jacob Voigt, USMC, just home from his first deployment!  WELCOME HOME JAKE!  We couldn't be more proud of you!

Happy Fourth of July!

On this 4th of July weekend, I want to make sure each and every one of you says a prayer for those brave souls who are protecting our country. Whether they are in the United States or abroad, on bases, or in the field, please make sure that you are keeping them all in your thoughts and prayers as we celebrate this Independence Day.

Enjoy your weekend and please be safe!


I just received a wonderful card!

Just received this wonderful card from Hope.

Hope is nine years old and takes lessons on Kristine's horse, Chickory, every week. I just had to share this!

Thanks Hope!

Have a wonderful summer and I am looking forward to your first horse show in the fall!

Horse drawing thank you card

ANOTHER Coupon for you!

Hey All! Paula and Craig of Crazy Horse Saddle Shop have let me post another 10% off coupon for you to use in their store.Coupon

It's wet saddle pad time now and you should be thinking about having that spare SMX pad around so you can wash one or let one dry and alternate pads each day. Your horse will thank you and so will your friends when they don't have to smell STINKY saddle pads in the tack room. Use the coupon and get 10% off their great prices on your next pad.

Crazy Horse carries all kinds of tack and horse supplies, so if you need to get the trailer stocked up, grab this coupon and come on in to the store and get all the things you need for you and your horse.

If you don't see what you are looking for ASK and i bet they will find it for you!


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