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Gearing up for upcoming shows

Vacation's over and it's time to dig in and get ready for the show season.

How? Well, by practicing and showing of course! We've got a new trail course set up at Marley Farms now, that's going to help alot and add some fun things to our lessons, too.

We missed out on the No Bling AzQHA show, due to vacation conflicts, but there's a few relatively local shows coming up we should be able make it to.

We may be heading to New Mexico for The Border Circuit series show for the 23rd and 24th in Las Cruces. Looks like a fun show and it's not too bad of a drive. Might be just the thing for getting everyone (especially the horses!) back into the swing of showing and travelling.

Click here for the info on the Border Circuit Show put on by Southwest Quarter Horse Association:

Also heard of a great local show, The Goldmine Circuit. It's in December in Queen Creek. A two day open show with terrific prizes. Looking forward to this one! Carolyn Dobbins puts on a great show.

Here's the link for the Goldmine Circuit:

Will be posting upcoming shows as we get closer. Stay tuned.