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Great deals for fall online!

If you are looking for a great deal on Pyranha Aerosol Spray for your show horse this fall, the click this link to order from Valley Vet Supply. It's on sale for $8.59 a bottle (regular price at Valley Vet Supply is $10.79). The price of a can of the spray can vary in local stores -- anywhere from abuot $12.00 to $15.00 a bottle, so this is a great savings. If you order more than $60 worth of merchandise from them, the shipping is free, PLUS they do not charge tax when shipping to many states. It works out to a lot of savings if you need a fair amount of things! They have annual wormer packs there too. They come with a schedule card and it's all in a zip bag for easy storage. Their shipping is pretty darn fast too. They are located in Kansas and have a terrific catalog full of horse, pet and farm supplies. This sale is scheduled to expire on 8-30-2011, so hurry! I know it's unbelieveably hot here in Arizona now, but summer WILL be over eventually and you will be needing supplies for show season.

Have a great day!