Winner's Circle

Trophies Galore for Our Team at the May AzQHA No Bling Show!

#TeamLightRein had so much fun winning vintage trophies at the May AzQHA No Bling Show on Saturday! "Cool Bo" won Reserve Grand Champion Mares with both Glenda Roberts and Fred in their respective divisions! "Maken It Snappy" and Kevin Kuzma won 1st in Amateur Ranch on the Rail and 3rd in both Novice and All Breed Ranch Riding! "Iotta Dazzle Them" and Delia McCormick won 1st in Novice Showmanship, 2nd in walk/jog Western Pleasure (largest class in the show!), 2nd in Halter Aged Geldings and 4th in walk/jog Horsemanship! "First Time Everytime" and Kaitlyn Fisher won 1st in Youth Trail, 2nd in Youth Halter, 2nd in Youth Western Pleasure, and 3rd in Youth Showmanship! "Hes Always Zipped" and Molly Fisher won 1st in Halter Aged Geldings, 1st in Novice Western Pleasure, 1st in Novice Trail, 3rd in Amateur Western Pleasure and 4th in Amatuer Showmanship! Way to go, Team! #RideOn! :D