Winner's Circle

Smashing Our Previous Record!

WOW!! 😲😲😲What a HUGE show in many ways for #TeamLightRein at the first annual Dorn Parkinson Memorial AQHA show! We took almost our entire barn to the show, 15 horses and 12 exhibitors, and everyone on our Team had Top 5 placings AND we had multiple class wins! Fred hosted a showmanship clinic with his wife Molly and horse Peyton demonstrating. Here are just some of the placings of our amazing Team:
Kevin Kuzma-1,1, Grand in Halter Mares and 5,6,8,9 in Ranch Riding
Kaitlyn Fisher-1,3,4,5 in Ranch Riding, 1 in HUS and 1,2 in Equitation
David Grazier-2,3 in Ranch Rail, 4 in Reining, 7,9 in Ranch Riding
Delia McCormick-1 in Halter, 2,3,4,5 in Showmanship
Chris Clark-1 in Western Pleasure, 1,3 in HMS
Reagan Holman-5 in Western Pleasure, 9 in HMS
Avri Morris-4,9 in Ranch Rail, 8 in Ranch Riding
Carla Vetter-Multiple 1st Place in both English and Western classes
Zane Scofield-Top 10 in Reining
Molly Fisher-2 in Halter, 3 in Showmanship
Amber Schuttey-1,2,3,4 in Showmanship, 1 in Halter
Ashley Belhumeur-2,5 in HUS, 3,4,5 in Halter, 3,3,3,4,4,5 in SMS
We are SO proud of you ALL!! #RideOn!