Winner's Circle

Starting the New Year Off Right at the 2024 Saguaro Classic

Enjoying the beautiful sunsets and fall leaves at the Saguaro Classic was just a small part of the fun! #TeamLightRein did an awesome job, our great trainer Fred leading the way with 2 Circuit Championships, in Halter with Amber Schuttey's horse "Sal" and in L1 Open Western Pleasure with our little "Cody"! Fred was also 1st in Aged Mares with Kevin Kuzma's horse "Star"! Molly Fisher was Circuit Champion in L1 Amateur Trail, as well as 2nd in Amateur Trail, Western Pleasure and Showmanship with "Maddy"! Amber Schuttey was both Grand Champion and Circuit Champion in Am. Aged Geldings with "Sal", 1st and 2nd in Showmanship! Kevin Kuzma was 1st in Am. Aged Mares and 1st in All-Breed, Rookie and L1 Showmanship with "Star"! Delia McCormick was 3rd in Aged Geldings, 2nd in All-Breed and L1 Showmanship with "Bryan"! Kamryn Perkins was 1st in L1 Youth Ranch Riding, 2nd in Youth Ranch Riding and 4th in Youth Working Western Rail with "Romeo"! Dave Grazier was 2nd in Rookie Am. Reining, 3rd in L1 Am Reining, 3rd in L1 Am Ranch Riding with "Cal"! Zane Scofield was 4th in L1 Open Reining with "Sadie"! These are just some of the great placings from our awesome Team! Congratulations to everyone! #RideOn!

2023 ANLS show was a blast for our Team!

We have results and photos from the Arizona National Horse Show to share! Here are some of the top placings: Kamryn Perkins was Reserve High Point in the Youth Ranch division! Kevin Kuzma was Grand Champion under 2 judges, Reserve Grand Champion under 2 judges in Halter Mares, as well as 1st Place in All Breed Showmanship! Delia McCormick was 1st Place in Amateur Aged Geldings, Reserve Grand Champion in Halter Geldings and 2nd Place in L1 Amateur Showmanship! Molly Fisher won three Circuit Championships in Amateur Showmanship, L1 Trail and Amateur Trail, as well as 2nd Place in L1 Western Pleasure! And our awesome trainer Fred was Grand Champion under 2 judges, Reserve Grand Champion under two judges in Halter Mares with "Star", 2nd of 9 in Senior Trail with "Maddy", and 2nd in ACR Trail with 2YO "Cody", who had never before seen trail poles! Cody tried so hard and looked so cute, he was the talk of the show! Cody was also 3rd and 4th in his Western Pleasure classes! It was a great show! Way to go, #TeamLightRein! #RideOn!

AQHA World Show 2023

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to our amazing trainer Fred, owner Kevin Kuzma, and “Cool Bo”-Bronze Champion in the L2 Halter Aged Mares at the AQHA World Championship Show! #RideOn!! In addition, Kevin Kuzma was named a Finalist in Select Aged Mares, and Sherry Bertagnolli had a beautiful run, but just missed the cut in Select Ranch Riding at her very first AQHA World Show! We're so proud of all of our Team!



2023 Dorn Parkinson Memorial Show...WOW!

We have some of the results from #TeamLightRein for the AzQHA Dorn Parkinson Memorial show, which took place Nov. 30-Dec. 3. All of our Team did an amazing job! Here are just some of the best placings:

Fred (our amazing trainer)-1st Place-Aged Mares, Grand Champion-Open Halter Mares, Reserve Grand Champion-Open Halter Mares with "Cool Bo", 1st All Breed Western Pleasure with "Known To Be The Best", 1st L1 Western Pleasure with "Blue Every Time" and 1st in Senior Western Pleasure with "First Time Everytime"

Kaitlyn Fisher-1st Place L1 Youth HUS, 1st Place Youth HUS with "No Doubt Im Huntin"

Molly Fisher-1st Place in Select Showmanship, L1 Western Pleasure, Amateur Western Pleasure, L1 Trail and Select Trail with "First Time Everytime"

Kamryn Perkins-1st Place in Youth Rookie Ranch Trail, 2nd Place in Youth L1 Working Western Rail, Rookie Youth Ranch Riding, L1 Ranch Riding, Youth Ranch Riding, L1 and Youth Ranch Trail with "Little Custom Whizz"

Dave Grazier-1st Place in Rookie Reining, L1 Reining, Select Reining and Select Working Western Rail, 2nd Place in Rookie Ranch Riding, L1 Ranch Riding, L1 Working Western Rail with "Dont Hate The Playa"

Kevin Kuzma-1st Amateur Aged Mares, Reserve Grand Champion-Amateur Halter Mares, 1st Place in Rookie Showmanship and L1 Amateur Showmanship with "Cool Bo", 2nd Place in Rookie Reining with "Make N It Snappy"

Delia McCormick- Reserve Grand Champion-Amateur Geldings, 2nd Place in Amateur Aged Geldings and L1 Amateur Showmanship with "Iota Dazzle Them"

Chrissy Rochford-3rd Place In All Breed W/T Western Pleasure with "Known To Be The Best"

We love our Team and are so proud of you all! ANLS results coming soon! #RideOn!

Back to Back Shows and our Team KILLED it!

With the whirlwind of shows we are experiencing right now, it’s been hard to find time to post about how well #TeamLightRein has been doing! Here’s an “In a nutshell” recap of just SOME of the highlights from our last two shows: The Sonoita Show was awesome for our Team, with Sherry Bertagnolli bringing home the Amateur High Point buckle, Molly Fisher placing 1st in Trail, Horsemanship and Western Pleasure and 2nd in Showmanship, Kamryn Perkins placing 2nd in Ranch Riding and Reining and 1,2 in Ranch Trail, Kaitlyn Fisher placing 2nd in HUS and Equitation and Chrissy Rochford placing 3rd in her W/T classes with her horse, 2yo “Known To be the Best” in his very first show! The Octoberfest Show featured our amazing trainer Fred placing 1st in Ranch Trail with deep competition on Sherry’s horse, “Chics Late Night” and 2nd in Working Western Rail! He also placed 2nd with 2yo “Blue Every Time” in Western pleasure, in his very first show! Delia McCormick placed 1st in Showmanship! Kevin Kuzma placed 1st in both Halter and Showmanship! Kaitlyn Fisher won 1st in her HUS and Equitation classes! Molly Fisher placed 1st in her Showmanship class with a score of 88, as well as 1st in her Western pleasure, Horsemanship and Trail classes! Kamryn Perkins was also 1st in her Ranch Riding and Working Western Rail classes! These are just a few of the GREAT placings of our Team at these two shows, there were too many to be able to list them all! We are SO proud of our Team! #RideOn!