Fred Fisher's Light Rein Horses Blog

We Are Show Sponsors!

We are honored to be sponsors of this year's The Celebration Circuit & EMO Western States Championship shows! We are looking forward to our trip to Vegas at the end of June! #RideOn!

What a Transformation!

WHAT AN AMAZING TRANSFORMATION!! Need your Halter horse fit for the show ring? This is #TeamLightRein member Cathy Rymer's yearling filly "Sadie", aka Acool Reflexion. Cathy sent us "before and after" photos, taken just before she brought Sadie to our barn, and now (3 mos. later). What a difference! We're so excited to see Cathy and "Sadie" in the show ring!#RideOn!");">🐴");">🥇");">💦");">😍

Congratulations to this New Team!

Congratulations to #TeamLightRein members Richele and Tim Carroll on their purchase of "Claymore", a beautiful and HUGE Fresian/Draft Horse cross! What a wonderful, gentle giant this guy is! We are very happy for you guys! #RideOn! 


Does Your Horse Do This?

We like to be sure the horses in our comprehensive training program are not only trained to perform the show ring, but in mulitple areas so they are a joy to be around.  Whether it's ground manners, trailer loading, standing for the farrier, standing tied, bathing/banding, leading, etc., our program includes these things and more!  Contact us today for all your training needs!