Fred Fisher's Light Rein Horses Blog

Last Show of the Year was a Great one for our Team!

The December Blue Ribbon Horse Shows was very successful for #TeamLightRein! Molly Fisher was High Point under both judges! Glenda Roberts' 7 month old filly, "Bo" won her very first blue ribbon, taking 1st and 2nd in her halter class! Kevin Kuzma placed 2nd in Ranch on the Rail and 3rd in Ranch Riding, and Sara Goodman took home 2nd and 3rd place ribbons in her very first horse show ever! Congratulations, Team! #RideOn!

PEMF Therapy

We are very excited about a new treatment we are trying for several of the horses in our barn! PEMF therapy is being used to treat everything from soreness to lameness to injuries. We have seen big improvements in performance and soundness in our horses in just a few treatments! Stacey Tucker at Copper State Equine Services, LLC does an amazing job, taking the time to give each horse a very thorough treatment, paying close attention to each horse's reaction and documenting problem areas to address in future treatments. Three of the horses treated had amazing performances in our most recent show, two of them taking High Point under all three judges! Thank you so much, Stacey! To learn more, check out her website at #RideOn!