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Another Great Show Day at Blue Ribbon

Team Light Rein had another great show day at the September 2nd Blue Ribbon Show!  We were as HOT as the weather!  Glenda and Maddy were again in the ribbons, and took top three in most of their classes, which included Halter, Showmanship, Trail, Horsemanship and Western Pleasure.  Amanda continued her winning streak on Duke, taking Reserve Champion in her English Classes, including HUS and Equitation.  Samantha won Reserve Champion for her age group in Trail aboard her new horse, Axle, Katie took 2nd Place under both judges in Leadline, and Molly took Reserve Champion in her Western Division classes, including Halter, Showmanship, Horsemanship, Trail and Western Pleasure.  Congratulations, Team Light Rein!

Great weekend at the Blue Ribbon Show!

Everyone did so well this weekend! What a terrific day on Sunday! Katie won the leadline, Glenda's horse, Maddie was Grand Champion Halter, Molly won her western pleasure classes, Amanda and Duke won several classes... AND MORE!

Days like that are just special! THIS is why we go to shows... everyone may did their best and had fun doing it!

Molly in the lineup at Blue Ribbon May 2012

Back to Basics

Whenever it seems like my clients are struggling with doing something on their horses, we take a step back and work on some basic exercises to help break down exactly what they are struggling with.

This week, everyone tied the reins and rode without hands to work on communication with legs. This has highlighted weaknesses in the seat and lower leg and helps with balance. Sounds simple, but if you can't turn your horse around a cone, or in a circle, with just your legs, then you need to work on this! It will improve your seat, balance and relaxation, plus strengthen your bond with your horse. All of our horses here move well off of your leg, so this exercise helps you understand the amount of pressure and placement of your spur that you are using.

Throw some random cones out in the ring and try it! It's fun and you will learn something about how you use your body.

It's heating up!

This weekend is the first AzQHA Scholarship show in the 4 show series. The barn has been really busy with everyone getting ready! It's good to see how hard everyone is working toward their goals. I hope everyone who goes has a great day and achieves or moves closer to those goals. Competition isn't easy, it takes many, many trips into the show ring to achieve consistent results. Always seems like it's a few steps forward and one back till it all comes together! Then it's a beautiful thing!

It's going to be in the 90's, so water and electrolytes (for people and horses!) will be essential.

Last weekend, was a blast! Got to head out on a trail ride on Angel with Roxanne & Buster and Scott & Chickory. What a great day. Hope to have a few pictures to post soon. I know Roxanne took one of Angel and I in the water. She really wanted to swim, but I wasn't ready to get wet. Not that trip at least!

Wish us all luck!