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Do you need clipper blades?

Just saw that Schneider's is having a BOGO on clipper blades. If you are in need, now is the time to buy!

Here's the link:

It's for the Oster® X-AG Cryogen A5 Blades.

It's almost time to start clipping those FUZZY horses!

Yes, even in Arizona our horses get FUZZY.


EVAHA was Terrific!

A beautiful October day in Queen Creek, AZ and some great rides! Lots of friends showed up to cheer us on and we had a ton of fun that day! Hope to have some pictures soon to post for you all, but in the's the results:

Samantha Buck rode Glenda Robert's horse, Angel, to a first, a second and a fourth in her classes! Lots of horses in those classes, too! You gotta love having fun and riding well all at the same time! Oh, and looking good on that pretty palomino, that counts!

Glenda Roberts, on Maddy, (First Time Everytime) rode really well and came home with a first, two seconds, a third and a fourth for her rides. Plus, Maddy got a Reserve Champion in Halter! NICE JOB!

Rachel and Melody, (Zips Spanish Melody- LaVonne Wright's horse) showed in a few classes and came away with a first and a second. You sure looked like you had fun out there!

Thank you to all our friends and supporters who came by and cheered us on. That means alot. It makes it so much more fun when you have such a great crowd there to cheer the riders on.

Hopefully, I got all the results correct here- let me know if I mixed something up and I will correct this. It was hard to keep track of all those ribbons!

EVAHA show tomorrow morning in Queen Creek!

Hope to see you there! Stop by and check out the show. There's a cutting show going on there also, so it should be busy there. Here's to a carbon copy of today's weather too! What a beautiful day to be riding.

Coming home from the Scottsdale Classic today

Beautiful weather- well, at least it cooled off! No fun with the wind, though.

Jerry Kimmel and the whole Scottsdale Classic staff put on a fabulous show every year!

First Time Everytime (Maddy) did a nice job in her classes this week. Some really tough competition and she performed well. This was a big show with lots to look at.

This beautiful show got me thinking, everyone has "show nerves." How do you handle your show nerves? What things do you "pre-show" to help you be a better competitor?

Post your answers on my Facebook wall!