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EVAHA show tomorrow morning in Queen Creek!

Hope to see you there! Stop by and check out the show. There's a cutting show going on there also, so it should be busy there. Here's to a carbon copy of today's weather too! What a beautiful day to be riding.

Coming home from the Scottsdale Classic today

Beautiful weather- well, at least it cooled off! No fun with the wind, though.

Jerry Kimmel and the whole Scottsdale Classic staff put on a fabulous show every year!

First Time Everytime (Maddy) did a nice job in her classes this week. Some really tough competition and she performed well. This was a big show with lots to look at.

This beautiful show got me thinking, everyone has "show nerves." How do you handle your show nerves? What things do you "pre-show" to help you be a better competitor?

Post your answers on my Facebook wall!


SAQHA show in Tucson

We showed First Time Everytime this weekend in Tucson at the SAQHA show.

Glenda Roberts did a nice job riding in her Western Pleasure class, winning a third place!

Check out the Winner's Circle page for a shot of this pair.

Next stop- The Scottsdale Classic at Westworld! Starts September 29th and runs through October 5th. Come by and find us there!

Here's a link to the site so you can find the class schedule and the all important vendor list for shopping! If you need your hat shaped, now is the time for the fall and winter shows.

See you there!

Diagnosing lameness...


There's alot of ways to diagnose lameness in a horse. It all has to start with a thorough lameness exam at your vet's. THEN it may progress to one of several machines used to diagnose the specific source of the lameness. All of the tools can be found here, in Arizona, at several Equine Hospitals.

I came across an article that walks you through each of the machines in use today and explains in plain language what they do and how they can help in the diagnosis of your horse's lameness.

Dr Dave Ramey is a Veterinarian in the Los Angeles area, and author of more than a dozen books, as well as a well known lecturer. He is also the former vet of one of my current clients.

Follow this link to read about these diagnostic machines:

Here's to all of you keeping your horses sound and happy.