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Sully is making some serious progress!



Check out just how solid Sully is getting! Can you see the smile on my face?

Congrats to Samantha and Scott!

A VERY BIG Congratulations on your purchase of JD from Light Rein LLC Performance Horses.

I know you are going to be very happy with him!

Horse show tomorrow!

Southwest Specialties Show at Horseshoe Park in Queen Creek tomorrow. Hope to see you there!

The weather is changing!

Since it's now getting into the high 90's here in Arizona, it's time to make sure you and your horses stay hydrated.

You should be drinking a bottle of water every hour that you are out in the heat. At least that much.

But what about your horse?

It's hard to make them drink, but you certainly can offer water to them when you take a break. Break out a bucket, fill it up and keep it in the shade by the arena or in the barn aisle,so you can offer it to them as you walk by. Don't worry about your horse sweating, they are built to work and to sweat. Do make sure their water is full in their stall, or if you have automatic waterers, make sure they work properly every day. The more opportunity your horse has to drink, the better.

Another thing to consider is feeding your horse electrolytes. This makes them thirsty and want to drink water. There are many varieties available in your local feed store. Most are flavored to entice your horse to eat them without any fuss. Look for cherry flavored or orange flavored granules that you can add daily to their feed. You can give them paste electrolytes, if need be, but the daily choices are much less expensive.

Water is essential for your horse's digestive system. If they don't drink like they should, you could have a case of colic on your hands.