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AQHA Select World Show Qualifying Announcement


The AQHA has announce that the qualifying period for the Adequan Select World Show has been extended to June 26th. It was to have ended May 31. Many, many shows have been cancelled due to the EHV-1 outbreak and this now gives exhibitors a chance to qualify. AQHA has also changed the qualifying points for cutting, since nearly all cutting events have been cancelled through June 5th.

Here is the link to the news article on the AQHA website:

It's pretty cool that points earned in the period from May 31 to June 26th will actually count toward the 2011 Select World Show AND the 2012 show as well!

Thank you AQHA!

Equine Herpesvirus (EHV) Myeloencephalopathy

Wow, I am sure you have heard alot of info on this subject. Seems like much of the information out there is conflicting or inaccurate.

Only 1 horse has died of this in AZ and three others are confirmed infected. All the horses that were exposed to this virus, at the cutting show in Ogden, Utah have been identified and isolated.

I am posting a few things that you should know and some links to help you better redEHV-1.

Most of you have already seen the cancellation of shows and events in Arizona and surrounding states for the next few weeks. The AzQHA show in Sonoita, AZ scheduled for May 26-29 is cancelled, so is the Blue Ribbon show on the 22nd of May. This is just good sense. Keep your horse home for a while to limit his/her exposure. Most barns will not be allowing haul-ins for a few weeks, as well. This is called keeping a "closed herd" it limits the spread of disease.

Practice good hygiene in your barn. Keep things as clean as you can. This is another good sense item. Don't let people touch your horse and the touch the next horse and so on. Horse people should already know this, but visitors to your barn should also be informed, as well.

Make sure you keep your horse vaccinated on a regular schedule, as recommended by your vet.

Above all else, keep yourself informed with accurate information.

Below are links to Channel 12 news and the USDA for more information on this virus:

If you have more questions, please give me a call @ 480-215-7103


Whew! A FAST show day!

The EVAHA show usually is a relaxed show and a great place to school and have fun showing. Well, this weekend it was rush rush rush!!! Not a lot of entries made for a quick moving show. The management tried to slow it down and give exhibitors time to warm up and for tack changes, but it still was nearly over within two hours!

Even with all the rushing, I managed to get First Time Everytime (Maddie) into the halter class and win and then to win the Halter Championship trophy as well! She liked that whole standing still in the arena thing.

Glenda had only minutes to warm up on Angel and went right in and placed third in her first class, followed by a second and then rode on to win the Reserve Championship in the walk trot division. Each ride was better than the last one. Nice going Glenda!

Maddie schooled well in the big covered arena, I was really happy with the way she settled down in the place. It was good to see Glenda ride her and school her just like at home at this show.

Next weekend is Blue Ribbon at Westworld. Hope the wind dies down by then.

See you all there!

EVAHA show on Sunday!

Who's in?

Looks like we are heading to EVAHA on Sunday for a fun day of showing! Always fun at this show in Queen Creek.

Let me know if you'd like to join us.

Don't forget-- I am still looking for that all-around AQHA horse. Needs to be suitable for a Youth rider or Novice Amateur. Something seasoned that can be good in most situations, plus handle showing. Maybe 8-12 yrs old.

Please call me @480-215-7103 if you have what I am looking for!